One of the most common challenges in buying a new condo before construction is the inability to walk through the spaces general, the designs of the condos are presented in two dimensions, so the front of the house looks flat. Often you will not have a shadow line or any sense of depth. Fortunately, most home designers are currently using 3D software that can help evaluate the front elevation of the house. But what about the floor plans? They allow you to be aware of space, rooms allocation or an area that is a skill that is usually highly developed by new home designers and architects.

Are you the first time home buyers? Can you understand your floor plan better? Anyone who wishes to build must be able to translate their floor plans. Reading the floor plan is sometimes challenging because you will find it often in the model language. However, if you can understand this, you can get the result of a new upcoming condo.

Most home buyers know only the number of apartments in the floor plan. Understanding this 2D definition needs to have basic knowledge. Knowledge will help you provide information about doors, windows, plumbing and outdoor equipment.


Doors are an integral part of every building. The first thing to look at is the main entrance of the building. This will help you to understand how the building will be and how the rooms link. Door plans are usually a narrow rectangular square representation. In the plane, you will also see the image of the doorway. This sign will help you to determine the direction in which you will migrate.


Windows is important in all buildings. They will help room ventilation and also allow normal light in the room. Due to your plan, the windows are marked with empty lines without the wall.


Wall is an integral part of the building because it carries the weight of the building. These are two types of walls, namely structural and non – structural. structural Wall is a wall and it is usually the support of the building. The narrow and thick lines point to the walls of the structures. Non-structural wall serves different rooms, with thin lines showing.

Floor layout

Designing the floor plan will help you to understand how rooms are divided. The allocation of rooms depends on the person. for example some people prefer, the kitchen as the main door due to the shopping cycle. Others would like the living room to be the main door because they always welcome guests.

Size and shape

Floor plans include a number of sides that represent real size. Therefore, the floor plan gives the dimensional height and width of the room, as well as a building. The floor plan will also show the shape of the apartments. The two will give Owner a comprehensive picture bright condo


Houses are made from selling r ceiling is also shown in the floor plan. The typical roof of the roof is a dotted line. The height of the ceiling can be shown under the direction of the room or in the plane.

As mentioned above, it is important to understand your floor plan. It will help to plan your condo home purchase after evaluating your financial commitment with the purchase price of an apartment. Thanks to the floor plan, you can choose the best solution.